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New work 2021, Diary of a Song


Sheila Whittam’s art career includes twenty solo exhibitions, thirteen finalists/awards, art prizes and three art residencies (Carrick Hill, The Cedars, an ARTS SA grant - Central Studios, a recent SALA AWARD.   Art was introduced to her at a young age by an uncle who showed her how to draw, creativity remained in her mind continuing a long career in visual arts.  She met many artists, national and international tutors - including John Olsen (Uni SA).  Olsen introduced her to the idea of drawing and to “take the line for a walk.” Tutors of influence during her time at ACSA (BA Vis.Arts) were Chris Orchard, Robb Gutteridge, Johnny Dadi and many others.

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Sheila Whittam

Adelaide, South Australia

Mobile: (+61) 437 327 489

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